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Kiev, Ukraine

TD BALTIKA LLC is production-commercial company having leadership position on the market of fish, fish products and seafoods. The company conducts activity in the sphere of importation, trading and manufacturing of high quality certificated production.

The task: elaboration of modern website with exclusive design in the spirit of corporate style of the company. The full complex of services on makeup and programming. Convenient website navigation enabling to provide the client/user with full and comprehensive information on goods/services.

Design: elegant, sophisticated, recognizable.

WebSite was launched in 2011 year;

Website traffic achieved:

  • for 2011 - 5 thousand unique hosts;
  • for 2012 - 18 thousand unique hosts;
  • for 2013 - 37 thousand unique hosts;

SEO optimization performed: website is among five top in the search results on Google.com.ua, Yandex.ru, Bing.com on a variety of high-frequency search phrases. The list below shows the requests from Google.com.ua:

  • "Baltika Kiev", as well as synonyms, place 1 from the results of approximately 1 million 30 thousand;
  • "importation of fish to Ukraine", place 1 from the results of approximately 682 thousand;
  • "seafoods importation", as well as synonyms, 3rd place of about 728 thousand results;
  • "price-list of fishery products", 1st place of about 932 thousand results;
  • "importation of caviar", 1st place of about 7,000,000 results 330 thousand;
  • and many other.

* the data on March 5, 2014

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