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Cloud hosting is viewed as modern and extremely perspective type of hosting differentiating by dynamics and high level of safety. First and foremost, the main advantage of this new type of hosting is price defining executed by the resources used instead of the fixed price.

In contrast with cloud hosting, traditional Web hosting provides purchase of the server or certain server space at the price determined by provider. In this context, the serious disadvantage is obvious: the resource capacity can be dropped significantly in terms of simultaneous launch of several powerful websites from one server.

Accordingly, the so called cloud systems gain popularity every day, within which the resources of the several engines are used simultaneously. Among the distinct advantages are the following: absence of the necessity of the expensive equipment and licensed software purchase – the product offers unique software (SaaS), platform (PaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS) as servers to be used. We are speaking about efficient and budget solution for your business.

The main cloud hosting advantages include:

  • higher availability – this type of hosting is based on simultaneous usage of the several servers resources. It does not depend on functioning of one dedicated/virtual server;
  • flexibility – it is viewed as immediate adaptation and adjustment of server resources for the certain website;
  • system reliability – it is provided by the usage of summarized resources of several computers and platforms: the secured backup copies are protected from functional failures of the system and are subject to immediate recovery.

Public and personal cloud hosting

As a rule, there are two types of cloud hosting: public and personal. Public cloud hosting represents the budget variant of hosting, which, however, loses some advantages in virtue of its low price: there is no ability to customize a range of options and the level of server reliability is reduced.

Personal cloud hosting has higher price, but offers instead wider spectrum of capabilities: the functions of individual system infrastructure development, enhanced data control and safety are available. Therefore, this is optimal online solution for large business enterprises, enabling you to adapt system to the maximum for individual requirements and create highly secured large-scale projects. You can sign up for free trial cloud hosting services on our site.

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