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SMS marketing, sending SMS notifications

# SMS marketing

... sales stimulation, product promotion, the progressive development of the brand ...

Revolution in the world of mobile technologies, which spontaneously covered the whole world in recent decades, delivered heavy blow to advertising industry – the new trends began to appear like mushrooms after the summer rains. SMS marketing is one of such progressive advertising instruments being the process of transfer of marketing information concerning the product to the consumer by SMS.

The main advantages of the above mentioned kind of marketing are the following: existence of direct contact between the producer and the consumer, personification, operational efficiency, simplicity and convenience, affordable price. According to the statistics, almost every SMS received by the telephone subscriber will inevitably be read, but not sent to the litter-basket or marked as spam. Consequently, the implementation of marketing vehicles takes place without significant financial and organization expenses. All the above mentioned benefits of SMS marketing provide holding ongoing dialog with client and forming relations based on principles of parity.

Application of SMS marketing

B2C Soft LLC has solid expertise in the sphere of SMS marketing. Our experienced marketing experts conducted and supported complex business projects by implementing innovative technologies of business promotion. We will help you to appreciate the advantages and widespread application of SMS marketing:

  • failsafe and relatively inexpensive advertising of goods and services;
  • organizing feed-back with the aim of providing the client with information on the product requested;
  • choosing mailing list parameters (time, date, the list of recipients);
  • providing increase of target audience;
  • informing on special offers, sales, discounts;
  • price scan service as progressive instrument of customers involvement;
  • notification on holding promo offers and presentations;
  • cost and time saving in the course of marketing activities.

Providing powerful support to its clients concerning uploading SMS messages, B2C Soft LLC is always ready to submit professional consultation on each issue of your concern and also to adjust system for your individual requests. Our task is to provide your honourable joining the marketing war using all modern methods and technologies. Sales stimulation, promotion of the product, progressive development of the brand – these are the steps forward our common mission being uncompromising struggle against competitors.

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