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Website is not only a nice picture filled in with interesting information. First and foremost, it is viewed as sophisticated software product, the main function of which is being convenient and easy-to-use. In order to provide uninterrupted operation of your ultramodern Web resource, it must be placed on the server connected to the Internet, that is to the quality hosting platform. Therefore, hosting is considered to be the service providing Web resource (site) placement on the server on the Web. Drawing a parallel between these and housing relations, it must be said that you are concluding a certain residential lease agreement, in which the lender is represented by hosting provider and the object is accommodation suitable for permanent residence of your site.

Today the term “hosting” is familiar to the whole business world. The world being day-to-day developed by skyscrapers, residential parks and individual residences - every Jack has his Jill. The same takes place in the sphere of hosting services: hostings differ by space, range of functions, speed and, at the last, by price. Thinking over the type of hosting, you should consider the aims of site development. This intention puts forward demands to the website and can have great importance in the process of choosing the necessary server space.

High-quality hosting on Unix/Windows

B2C Soft LLC, specializing in software development and implementation of sophisticated e-systems, provides services of reliable and high-quality Web hosting of software products. Our aim is to maintain continuous round-the-clock operation of Web resource, its high-capacity, stability and information reliability.

Hosting PHP and MySQL

We offer several types of high-quality hosting with different scope of options, one of which is Web hosting supporting PHP and MySQL. In this case websites created on PHP with the help of MySQL are placed on Unix server. The above mentioned placement has a range of advantages:

  • an ability to establish unlimited number of mail boxes and subdomains;
  • maximum security of Unix platform for your website placement;
  • unlimited traffic;
  • supporting the world leading CMS.

Hosting ASP/ASP.Net and MS SQL

The next type of hosting rendered by B2C Soft LLC is ASP/ASP.Net Web hosting. It provides website placement on Windows hosting, the main reason for which can be the requirement for ASP/ASP.Net and MS SQL technologies and other benefits:

  • using high-efficiency and reliable MS SQL platform;
  • supporting CMS applications;
  • ability of Web and mail servers separation.

CMS websites hosting

In the modern Web technologies world the seat of honour belongs to CMS systems hosting as one of the most popular and in-demand directions within Web 2.0. A number of CMS systems is available today, which have direct impact on your website functioning and fulfillment of the tasks including high productivity. Web resource can be placed on the basis of osCommerce, Wordpress, Joomla, 1С-Bitrix – the list of the leading CMS goes beyond. In any case, even if you want to develop and place on the server you website independently, our experienced specialists are always glad to provide you with support in the course of installation on the basis of any CMS system.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is viewed as Web resource placement on the virtual server having significant potential of hardware resources. Choosing this type of hosting, the user obtains the above mentioned resources designated exceptionally for this website. Such approach provides uninterrupted performance of website and its independence from other users. In addition, a variety of software and operation systems can be installed on the server.
Therefore, VPS hosting is extremely actual for:

  • placement of software products requiring significant resource potential;
  • arrangement of Java, С/С++ and other applications;
  • hosted data storage;
  • development of a range of shards.

VPS hosting on the basis of Hyper-V

This efficient online solution implies providing high quality Windows VPS hosting on the basis of Hyper-V. Its peculiarity covers the following: You work with the program named Remote Desktop, the safety of which is provided by unique login and password for each user.

VDS or dedicated server hosting

VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) is considered to be the service of providing virtual dedicated server having a range of advantages compared with physical dedicated server, particularly, concerning remote system friendliness and safety. VDS completes wide spectrum of tasks and fulfills the important function of rights differentiation in the process of server administration – the full control belongs to the client.

Cloud hosting

The so called cloud hosting gains popularity every day. Cloud hosting is the type of hosting, when renting of computing resources being scalable and adaptable takes place. In this case computing servers execute the function of the necessary resources calculation including involvement of additional. Cloud hosting is widely used for placement of start-ups being young websites planning to conquer Internet space and get wide audience. It is absolutely reasonable to spare funds on website placement in the case of small amount of visitors. Further, in the course of rapid growth of audience more expensive hosting will be well-taken. The undeniable advantage of cloud hosting is permanent resource control and monitoring: it can adapt immediately to users quantity change and is always able to calculate the amount of resources needed in order to achieve the most optimal effect.

Therefore, in the process of choosing the most optimal Web hosting for your product, you should always consider the site development peculiarities, tasks, wishes concerning its functioning and your own hosting budget. Whatever you choose, B2C Soft LLC will always prove the stability and reliability of the services rendered.

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