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Owing to successful and efficient work of more than 10 years on the market of Internet technologies, permanent operation methods development and improvement, B2C Soft LLC has proved itself to be highly professional developer of websites, off-the-shelf and customized software. We work across different spheres of business including travel industry and recreational resources, logistics and customs, hotel business, B2B and B2C marketing, banking and finance, healthcare, real estate and construction, telecommunications and support etc. Today we are considered to be the suppliers of reliable products for offshore and domestic programming, services on creation and implementation of Internet solutions concerning comprehensive automation of business processes management, SMS marketing and websites optimization for searching engines Google, Bing, Yandex etc.

Our main aim is providing high quality and the fullest complex of services with usage of the most dominant up-to-date Web development technologies. Working progress and the best compliance with the client's requirements are our task of further development and self-improvement. The team of our professional programmers, database architects, designers, testers and marketing experts, our head office located in Kiev in Ukraine enable us to response operatively to any changes within Internet business conduct, implement innovations duly and apply the maximum of efforts in order to provide the clients with quality systems and solutions, using the newest technologies of Web programming, addons with open code being upgradable, flexible and scalable, reliable post-sales support and further development of IT products and systems rendered.

Individual and high quality approach in the course of realizing the objectives, scalable framework with replaceable modules, graphic software interface being easy for operation and friendly for usage, staff training and further support of Web solutions implemented – all these criteria enable us to create unique software products in the sphere of electronic commerce, adapted in terms of development strategy of the client company and its business aims. Unconditional right of working scheme choice belongs to the client in the course of ordering the individual Web solutions and software Internet products. We offer several types of interaction – it can be fixed payment for creation of ready-to-operate project with pre-agreed engineering and technical specifications and the detailed description of the expected results, or, alternatively, hourly piece pay in accordance with the targets set or on each stage agreed with the client.

We always interact with our clients and appreciate their feedback on our Web services and software e-commerce developments improvement. Regardless of our task in the current situation, though it can be development of Internet software, website design, modeling of B2C application, complex Web solution or content management system, the main advantages of our company always include the client's 100% satisfaction with our IT product quality, its compliance with the terms agreed, complexity level regarding development, implementation, support and consulting.

Online order of Internet software development

Software rendered to the client and developed by B2C Soft LLC can be sold owing to off-the-shelf availability or with due regard to specific wishes and adaptations according to the client's individual requirements and preferences. If you want to take advantage of our software development services, you can leave online order on our website in order to use our framework B2C Engine, Web solutions or our Web addons B2C Tour and B2C Tour Pro serving for automatization of travel agency or tour operator business processes. Please note that off-the-shelf software product price is much more lower than the development of Internet project performed from the ground up, or for individual technical enquiry. B2C Soft Web products have solid background development experience and are so different, that our company is able to satisfy all the clients' wishes and take into account the specific nature of this business sector to the full extent. In addition, our company's advantages also include continuous informing of the client and subscriber on the latest company news by newsletters distribution.

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