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B2C Tour Pro - web based tour operator software

B2C Tour Pro v1.04 NEW!

16000 UAH
51000 RUB


The price includes:
  • Full open source
  • Installation and initial configuration of the system
  • Lifetime license for 1 domain name (please read License agreement)
  • Free technical support for the first 14 days
  • Free access to the documentation and webinars

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The team of well-qualified IT professionals of B2C Soft LLC has designed and developed the sophisticated software product B2C Tour Pro. It is a new release modernized and fitted with wide spectrum of functions. Existing in a variety of much-in-demand languages, B2C Tour Pro is considered to be the most important tool of business conduct in the sphere of tourism, hotels and air tickets booking, car rental online with the help of XML Web services for a range of travel agencies and tour operators. Owing to this smart and state-of-the-art software product our customers can enjoy their businesses, being permanently aware of the latest tendencies and adapting to them on an instantaneous basis. Therefore, we create innovative cross functional software with dynamic and powerful travel engine. Using our unique and sophisticated development, you will be always one step ahead of your competitors within travel industry.

B2C Tour Pro has a complex of features widening and improving travel software functions. The latest version is available our DEMO site, where you can enjoy the advantages of the product with integrated XML Web services Hotelbeds, Tourico, You Travel, Transhotel and the others on online hotel booking, and also systems Galileo, Amadeus for real-time airline reservation and services payment using integration with almost any online processing centre of credit cards Visa, Master Card etc. One of the most important features of B2C Tour Pro is its being easy to modify owing to open easy-to-read code. Regardless of the range of regular existing functions, our professional Web designers and programmers can develop and customize other software functionality, focusing on each client’s individual needs and requirements. And that will be quickly, operatively and qualitatively! Furthermore, buying our up-to-day product means acquiring reliable support of software experts by subscription, defending the clients from faults or failures. You will always obtain professional advice and consulting on each issue concerning B2C Tour Pro operation and usage.


  • availability of website window-case visible for final consumer of travel services;
  • extended set of functions and modules of e-commerce program in the sphere of travel industry;
  • availability of integration with online data suppliers with the help of XML Web services Hotelbeds, Tourico, You Travel, Transhotel etc.;
  • processing centres integration for services online payment with credit card and usage of SSL certificates and HTTPS protocol for providing the high level of payments safety in the Internet;
  • the full service e-shop for electronic commerce conduct, optimized for travel industry;
  • Web pages SEO optimized for search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc.;
  • SMS notifications with the help of integrated online service in the course of application inflow on travel services reservation;
  • dynamic asynchronous search of the minimal price through one order from different reservation services suppliers;
  • binding of different components of the order (hotel, air ticket, transfer, car and duffel rental, VIP-lounge reservation, car-park etc.) in one basket for the full single payment;
  • the full actual database on 70,000 of hotels, 3,000 of directions and resorts, 9,000 of airports with translations;
  • building hotel ratings according to countries and regions on the basis of the tourists’ feedback and evaluations on different criteria;
  • filling package tours with textual and graphic information, special offers SPO;
  • multifunctional private office of the client with ability to opt-in e-mails, coupons and other functionality.

The standard set of B2C Tour Pro functions is listed below. Nevertheless, we provided the following: extending the totality of services functionality, adding new XML Web suppliers of travel data and their changing if desired by the client.

Maintaining a database on companies and contractors

  • the complete company card including legal, bank and contact information;
  • differentiation according to the types – supplier/tour operator, travel agent, corporate client, airline, insurance company etc.;
  • the ability to add subdivisions/offices in the addresses directory;
  • contact information on persons and company staff;
  • administration of different contracts and their archive backups storage;
  • new companies registration using online form on the website;
  • printing the list of all companies including those selected by the search and filters;
  • companies data export into external programs, text and table editors;
  • sorting the list of companies according to any table field with the ability to switch between one/multipage representing;
  • data backup of the companies being not engaged in activities.

Maintaining a database on clients, tourists and passengers

Order form
  • the complete card of the client including contact information, date of birth, addresses;
  • differentiation by the types and roles – manager, client, accountant etc.;
  • the ability to add several addresses (factual residential address, registration/residence registration);
  • binding of the person to the certain company;
  • printing the list of all persons including those selected by the search and filters;
  • new clients registration with the help of online form on the website;
  • clients data export into external programs, text and table editors;
  • sorting the list of persons according to any table field with the ability to switch between one/multipage representing;
  • data backup of the persons being not engaged in activities.

Maintaining a database on requests (package tours, air tickets, insurance policies etc.)

  • request card being easy and functional – it includes contact, finance, tourist information;
  • data storage according to requests numbers, invoices, sums, dates of contractors’ payments;
  • the unlimited number of tourists/passengers and their full passport data;
  • quick package addition of passport data, performed by unified multiline text;
  • integration with any email clients installed locally and online post services including Google Mail (GMAIL), MAIL.RU, UKR.NET etc.;
  • filling in tourist agreements on the majority of tour operators working on the local market (TezTour, TUI, Turtess, Pegas Touristik, AnexTour, Coral Travel, Natalie Tours, Akkord-Tour, Joinup, TPG, NewsTravel, ALF Tour Operator, Orbita, Feerie and any other required);
  • a great number of email messages templates and their generation in real time mode;
  • a great number of templates of documents, invoices, applications, vouchers, reminders and their online creation;
  • maintaining the history of working with the client, request, payment, task;
  • tasks issuance to managers alongside with reminders, importance priorities from low and extremely important;
  • online integration with SMS gateways for uploading messages, reminders and any SMS to client’s mobiles.
  • the ability to work with client’s full or partial pay/deposit;
  • using invoices reference table of the company in the process of funds arrival to the bank account;
  • using calculations on package tour entirely or particularly on its services (air travel, transfer, hotel accommodation, insurance policy, visa etc.);
  • storing and using currency rate by request;
  • storing and using any type of files, photos, scanned documents copies on the ram server disk;
  • request reference to the concrete manager with possibility of tasks issuance to the staff of tour operator (visa manager, messenger, accountant, secretary etc.);
  • linking several similar requests into one document (binding principal-secondary) – generation of the several additions (for example, in the course of several rooms booking or with displaced date of departure/return for several tourist groups) for one main agreement;
  • printing the list of all requests or those selected by the search and different filters combination;
  • pre-installed reference book of reminders for tourism manager according to the type of request (air ticket, package tour, guided tour, hotel reservation, insurance policy, visa, Travel Sim etc.);
  • reference books usage on services, flight, transfer, type of nourishment, bank institutions;
  • registration of new requests for tour or air tickets with the help of website online form;
  • allocation of rights on request data usage according to the roles;
  • fixation of the source of request submission (online, phone, office customer, contact/friend etc.);
  • changing look of the tourist requests list by switching between pre-installed templates;
  • wide spectrum of filters available (according to the type of request, status, managers, suppliers, countries, various dates, payments, banks etc.);
  • a range of methods prepared on package archiving, reference and authorization commission for several requests;
  • requests data export into external programs, text and table editors;
  • sorting the list of requests according to any table field with the ability to switch between one/multipage representing;
  • data backup of the requests being not engaged in activities.

Building reports (financial, analytical, statistic)

  • statistic reports on requests, number of tourists, periods, hotels, countries etc.;
  • reports on selling package tours, guided coach tours, air tickets, hotel booking, issued visas, tourist SIM cards etc.;
  • financial reports on months, quarters, years or periods selected according to filters and search criteria;
  • analytical reports on different indicators for mid/high level managers and chief executives;
  • export of the results obtained into the systems of working with table data and building graphic diagrams;
  • using different complex filters – according to dates, statuses, request types, country, hotel, addresses, contact and passport data, suppliers, agents, flights, transfers, services, notes and other fields;
  • reports on visiting website/administration section.

Marketing tools and SMS + email service

  • emails distribution using email from the clients’ database;
  • SMS distribution using contact mobiles from the clients’ database;
  • the ability to implement email or mobile subscription form for news and special offers of travel company;
  • support of unsubscription by one click;
  • HTML/Text templates for bulk mail;
  • the ability to introduce coupons or gift certificates.

Online booking modules (on request)

  • integration of online module on air tickets booking including Amadeus, Galileo, AnyWayAnyDay;
  • integration of online module on booking tour packages and guided tours of IT-Tour;
  • integration of online module or XML Web server from Akkord-Tour;
  • integration of online module on cruises booking of Cruise House "Sea Cruises";

Customization of system and application data register

  • keeping reference books on countries, resorts, hotels;
  • keeping reference book on air tickets price and flight directions;
  • keeping and administrating feedback on companies and hotels;
  • content and website stuffing management for end user;
  • keeping content of travel packages and tourist special offers (wide spectrum of the services rendered within the following tours: Guided tours including visiting concerts, carnivals and festivals; Cruise, coastal and exotic tours to warm countries including rent of yachts and villas for personal accomodation; Last minute tours and special offers; Fur-coat tours; Shopping tours; City breaks and holidays tours; Ski resorts; Christmas, New Year and May tours; Corporate and business tours; Special pilgrimage tours; Diving, safari and extreme tours; Health-related tours; Economy and VIP tours; Youth, individual, family and wedding tours; Coach, car and flight tours);
  • management of application system properties and register (regional customization, currencies, emails, component etc.);
  • management and adjustment of safety control system (Firewall brandmauer, roles, access rights);
  • management and adjustment of Multilanguage program interface;
  • currency rate administration;
  • reference book of words, word combinations and their translations;
  • log of system errors, safety and sessions;

CMS (Content Management System)

  • creation and management of HTML content for all pages;
  • database using for content storage;
  • building visible part of website for users with the help of XML data;
  • XML data transformation with the help of modular XSLT templates;
  • WYSIWYG built-in redactor for content management;
  • cross-browser design of all pages and control elements;
  • advanced support of SEO optimization for search engines.


  • operating system: Windows XP/7/Server and higher;
  • Web server: IIS 6.0 + ASP classic;
  • database: MSDE, MS SQL 2000 and higher;
  • components installed: MS XML;
  • hosting: locally Intranet, or from virtual, VPS to dedicated;
  • disk space: from 20 Mb;
  • RAM memory: from 2Gb, is defined by the system.

* Some of the above described software functionality can be not included to the base version and is developed on a paying basis if requested by the customer.

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