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This section provides the most frequently asked questions concerning software (websites) development, Web design, optimization and maintenance. We realize that most people working with global Internet are not single-disciplined specialists in the sphere of programming and need the competent professional support. With this aim B2C Soft LLC will be pleased to answer a range of questions you are interested in. We will do it in order to provide each person dealing with e-commerce with data on the newest information technologies, software products, convenient services and how to implement them for the benefit of your business.

What is CMS and why is it needed?

CMS is considered to be the content management system of website enabling employees to place information – textual, graphical, multimedia – on the site without any special technical skills and deep programming knowledge. You can also add new section or subsection on website with the course of time owing to CMS.

What is the first stage of website development?

Website development is viewed as complex and multiple-stage process beginning with website discussion with the client. Firstly, the site goals are defined (what was the aim of development, what is target audience). Then the certain concept is elaborated, the requirements of which are of vital importance for the whole site and design, designing takes place, the terms are discussed and technical realization starts up. In the process of website development the most optimal form of communication with the client is drafting technical design specification and oral consulting on all issues.

What are the stages of software, website development?

The whole process of software or website development can be conventionally divided into several stages. Firstly, analysis of the client's requirements is conducted and technical design specification with primary evaluation is drafted. Then we discuss issues of design, modeling and creation of pages. After programming stage we conduct software product or site testing, user training and technical support if needed.

What is the best way to enhance website traffic?

In order to enhance website traffic you should conduct website promotion (start-up) improving positions in such search networks as Google, Bing, Yandex. Website promotion includes SEO optimization, monitoring of the resource in social media and advertising campaigns. If you want to obtain the most efficient and quick result, you should entrust this task to experts.

What is hosting and how to choose the provider?

Web hosting is the service providing Web resource (site) placement on the server on the Web. Hosting has impact on website functioning, its capacity and information reliability. Choosing hosting provider, you should consider the aim of website development, the necessary space, speed and functions. The significant role has your budget alongside with pricing policy of the company rendering the above mentioned services.

Why is SEO optimization needed?

SEO optimization as propelling of the site to top positions in the course of the certain users requests provides website being in top of leading search networks and forms continuous inflow of target audience.

Why is it necessary to order technical support and maintenance of website?

Website technical support is extremely important, since it enables you to perform redesign, renovation and addition of new programming modules. The client also obtains protection from occasional interruptions, information support (copywriting and rewriting) and consulting.

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